Service and Repairs Pricing

Samsung Galaxy S5

Type Model
Service Description
Secondary Price
Primary Price
Samsung Galaxy S5
Complete Digitizer, LCD Assembly Replaced. THREE Months Warranty
Samsung Galaxy S5
Battery SALE!!
Samsung Galaxy S5
Dock Connector Assembly Replaced Original
Samsung Galaxy S5
Front Frame Replaced Gold or Silver Bezel

"Primary Price" and "Secondary Price"

Save money when you need multiple repairs done!

When your device requires multiple repairs - for example you have a broken screen but you would also like the battery replaced because it is not holding a charge - we will perform the first repair for the "Primary Price" but any additional repairs will be performed at a discounted price ("Secondary Price")

Please note that this discount policy applies per individual unit basis. If you have an iPhone that needs a screen and an iPod Touch that needs a battery, both repairs will be charged a full "Primary Price"

Repair Terms and Conditions

Quick FAQs

• More than 15 years of repair experience

• Usage of high quality OEM parts with full warranty

• No Fix - No  Repair Charge Policy in place


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