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Welcome to the iPod Repair Center Parts Store.

ALL Our Parts Are Original** Unless Otherwise Stated

Looking for Good Quality iPhone, iPad and Android Repair Parts?
We’ve tried the cheap "copy and high copy" parts in the last nine years. In the beginning, 2007, we didn't know better, we just ordered "parts" from Ebay, etc. We had nothing but problems trying to work with them; they would break or come apart and generally caused problems for our customers and technicians. We quickly discovered and now only use and resell Original parts, and can attest to their quality and durability.  

Looking for a cheap and reliable way to repair your device yourself?
We sell our Original parts at a fraction of the price that some suppliers charge for cheap "copies and High copies"…we want you to have a good and stress free experience with your do it yourself repairs. And save money at the same time!!

Looking for economic shipping?
We offer Flat Rate Shipping.
There are numerous sites out there with detailed instructions on repairing anything if you need extra guidance…we use and recommend iFixit and Youtube.

Looking for an honest and trustworthy supplier you can count on to send you Original parts instead of cheap plastic imitations that break when you try using them, plus charge you for Original?
Look no Further! We’re located right here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and can prove anytime that we only order and use Original parts for ALL our repairs and therefore not able to send you copies and high copies! There are numerous ways to tell if an iPad Digitizer or iPhone LCD assembly is OEM. A sure method is the camera hole. It has a rainbow, iridescent appearance when you tilt the assembly; please compare ours to your findings. If we're unable to find Original parts, we will tell you straight up and offer you the same warranty on Suitable High Quality Parts!

Looking for a supplier with a Hassle Free Warranty, if you receive a defective part and not try to blame you and make excuses?
We’ve been down that road before!
We cannot test hundreds of small parts as it would be too time consuming, affecting the price, due to technical labor. If we send you a part that turns out to be defective, or fails within the warranty period, we will offer to replace it free of charge if it is tested to be defective and not abused. We will even pay the shipping back to you with your new replacement part. And you have 30 days!

Please Read This Note About Shipping before Ordering Anything From This Website.

If you order a part and choose regular mail without a tracking number, you’re taking a chance on Canada Post, not iPod Repair Center Inc. If you’re concerned about delivery, we suggest using the expedited parcel option with Tracking Number, especially if you order a costly part or accessory.

We test all LCD assemblies with specialized equipment, so you can rest assured that when we send you one, it will work for you; just make sure you follow our Repair Guide tips on installation, as this will show you how to handle the delicate flex cables, making your life easier during and especially after your repair.

Need your part in a hurry?
For your convenience, we offer Expedited Shipping with Tracking Number and In-Store Pick-Up!

When we started iPod Repair Center Repairs nine years ago, we wasted a lot of time and money trying many suppliers, only to be sent cheap copies and sometimes parts that were totally different than what we had ordered. After many years of trying, we finally found suppliers we can trust and count on to deliver and stand behind the Original repair parts and products they sell. 

We'll double check to make sure we send you the correct part.

Good Luck with your repairs.

**When we say Original, we mean OEM parts made to the specifications of Original parts. These are not Genuine Apple parts, but cost more than copies and carry a 30 day warranty instead of seven from our suppliers, which we pass on to our customers in confidence. For any Certified Apple replacement parts, please contact Apple Computers.